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Many cultures have recognised the benefits including ancient Greeks,
Egyptians, Romans and Indians.

Massage is a manual bodywork therapy where skin, muscles, tissue, ligaments and tendons are manipulated and kneaded to improve wellbeing. Research evidence suggested benefits of regular massage therapy: Release of endorphins – (chemicals that produce feelings of wellbeing) Feelings of deep relaxation and calm Reduced muscle tension Improved circulation Stimulation of the lymphatic system Reduction of stress hormones Relaxation Increased joint mobility and flexibility Improved skin tone Improved recovery of soft tissue injuries Heightened mental alertness Reduced anxiety and depression.

Liet clinic is really pleased to be able to offer a variety of massage treatments

  • Swedish Massage
    Therapeutic massage is the most popular form of massage and is known as Swedish massage. This is designed to promote relaxation and improve circulation of blood and lymph.
    Ideal for realxation and general well being as a regular or an occasional treat.

  • Therapeutic Signature Massage
    Personalised massage treatment where your practitioner is choosing elements from many different techniques like channel stroking, guasha, cupping, tuina, etc., to help relief symptoms of pain, tightness and or stiffness and encourage relaxation.
    Ideal for particular signs and symptoms or for a personalised relaxation treatment.

  • Indian Head Massage
    This treatment addresses head, face, neck shoulders and upper back. A combination of massage strokes and acupressure are used to relieve tension, aches and pain in the upper body.
    Ideal for postural pain, migraines and headaches, sinusitis etc.

  • Aromatherapy Massage
    Swedish massage techniques with essential oils made from selected flowers and plants are added to the massage oil for their particular therapeutic properties.
    Ideal for individuals who love the use and scent of esseantial oils.

  • Hot Stone Massage
    Relaxation massage using Swedish massage techniques with heated stones. The heat allows for deeper massage without a deep pressure applied by your therapist.
    Ideal for individuals who enjoy the warm touch on the skin. This can be used together with heat lamp therapy.

  • Pregnancy Massage
    A deeply relaxing massage specifically designed for pregnant ladies using Swedish massage techniques.
    Ideal for pregnant ladise from second trimester onwards.