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Holistic Facials Skincare concerns are often rooting in an interior imbalance. Holistic facials are built with this in mind. We have chosen specific natural skin care products and an array of massage and acupressure techniques to contribute to your overall wellbeing and inner health. Your facial is personalised to you following initial consultation. At Liet Clinic we offer basic facials ideal for a one of treatment and a full facial ideal for an in-depth treatment.

Reiki The Japanese word Reiki means universal energy. This treatment is a holistic therapy that aims at relaxation, ease of tension and stress and help with general wellbeing. We all have “life force energy” flowing through us. A Reiki practitioner is tapping into the unlimited supply of “life force energy” while gently moving their hands above or on the client’s clothed body. A treatment feels like a wonderful warming and glowing radiance that brings a sense of calm and piece. Clients found reiki to help with virtually any health challenge alongside their allopathic treatment.

Intuitive healing Intuitive healing has been practiced by various cultures where intuition was used to promote healing and well-being. An intuitive healing session is a holistic treatment where your practitioner is using their intuition to identify what your energy field requires. Your practitioner will choose one or more modalities from various healing options, including Tibetan bawls, Reiki, meditation, access bars, channel stroking, quantum breath to name a few. Benefits mentioned by clients: Stress relief Relaxation Improved sleep Pain relief Emotional and mental wellbeing Increased levels of energy and vitality Are you questioning how does a healer develop their abilities? This comes through a combination of birth abilities, talent, training, personal growth and practice.

Access Bars This is a deeply relaxing treatment where 32 points called Bars on the face and head of a client are touched by a practitioner. This technique was introduced by Gary M. Douglas in 1990. The 32 points are believed to store electromagnetic component of one’s thoughts, emotions, beliefs as they are stored in the brain. When activated through touch, the Bars are believed to help facilitate reduction of stress, pain, trauma through the body. Reported benefits: Improved sleep stress reduction improved mind chatter issues improved feelings of overwhelm negative and limiting thought patterns dissipate improved negative behavioral patterns help with an sense of wellbeing feelings of calmness, peace and gratitude.

Hopi Ear Hopi ear candling or thermo-auricular therapy is a complementary treatment that aims to help symptoms associated with the ear, nose and throat. An incredibly relaxing treatment where client is treated to facial and head massage, acupressure on particular points and the use of waxed cones that are burnt while rested inside the client’s ear. Clients found relief with the following conditions: Blocked ears with flying (prevention and treatment) Hay fever Sinusitis Headaches, irritability and high stress levels Removal of excess earwax Tinnitus General wellbeing