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About Us
Liet clinic was born following Roxana's personal experience who, after facing health challenges for over 11 years, was able to improve the quality of her life through several natural therapies and personalised diet both a result of the most recent and advanced developments in Western and Complementary medicine.

Acupuncture and healing nutrition were a major part in Roxana's recovery. She was astounded by the effect that these therapies have on health, and she felt compelled to share this important information.
So she decided to study the science of Acupuncture and Functional medicine with the view to opening her own clinic once she was ready.

OUR AIM IS P.M.TPrevent - Maintain - Treat
At Liet clinic our aim is to engage our patients with their practitioner in a therapeutic partnership for long term health benefits. Your practitioner will work with you to find solutions to improve your desired outcome through prevention of disease, maintenance of health and treatment of ailments.

Roxana's healthcare journey commenced with the attainment of a BSc degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture from the esteemed Northern College of Acupuncture. Continuously dedicated to expanding her expertise, Roxana is currently immersed in an MSc course in Nutrition Science and Practice, building upon this solid foundation.

Additionally, Roxana has successfully completed Applied Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice with the Institute of Functional Medicine, along with advanced modules focusing on Immune and Gastrointestinal dysfunction in chronic disease. These accomplishments reflect her unwavering commitment to enhancing her skills and knowledge, ensuring top-tier care for our valued clients.