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Roxana Liston

*List Qualifications* Growing up in Romania means that you always look at natural therapies before Western medicine, and knowledge is passed down through your families over the years. My family was no exception, and I have always followed the belief that you can help the body and empower yourself to take control of your health. My journey to acupuncture began when I had a successful course of treatment and took the inspiration to truly study the depth of the traditional Chinese medicine Although I already had experience in various holistic therapies from Reiki to Quantum Breath Healing, I began my training in the National Acupuncture College which only added to my existing level of complimentary therapies. A belief in the empowerment of your body and the ability to create a fully treatment plan leave me confident in a way forward that is best for you. If we aren’t seeing the results that we wanted, I will refer you to someone or change the therapies we are using. Liet Clinic has been developed to bring back your optimum health and empower you to move forward.